Technical Asistance

Technical support by the GAF-RE team

To facilitate and speed up investments in Renewable Energy Projects, the GAF-RE team provides technical assistance and advice to applying companies. This is financed by a grant from the German government within the scope of German financial cooperation with Armenia administered by KfW, and is available free of charge for eligible projects. The primary goals of the technical assistance include:

  • an eligibility check of each project for which an application is submitted
  • support for the private entrepreneur
  • project evaluation so that GAF-RE can make a decision on loan disbursement.

Support for the private entrepreneur includes:

  • Detailed design: While developers are expected to prepare adequate feasibility studies themselves, some benefit from advisory support is provided to improve the rigor of analysis and identify additional issues. The GAF-RE team advises developers on how to improve the standard of the detailed design. This covers the scope and quality of information required by banks and other involved parties, as well as the nature and scope of independent technical analyses which will be required for the due diligence process.
  • Commercial negotiations: The GAF-RE team provides advice on how to prepare for discussions, including feedback on proposed commercial agreements and, where appropriate, provision of model agreements as a basis for discussion. 

The GAF-RE presents a unique opportunity for private Armenian companies and developers to obtain this free technical assistance to achieve financing and launching of their projects. If you wish to apply for GAF-RE financing, click here.