GAF-RE is structured to provide financing for private Entrepreneurs (PE) investing in Renewable Energy ProjectsDisbursement of loans is limited to the available funds within the framework of the Programme on Development of Renewable Energies (Phase III). For the first Project of the list that meets the Eligibility Criteria and presents complete Detailed Design, the GAF-RE implementation team will prepare a Due Diligence in view of the Selection Criteria. Only one Due Diligence is carried out at a time. If the documentation, design or business plan turn out to show major deficiencies during the Due Diligence, these deficiencies will be communicated to the Owner, who will need to rectify the deficiencies. If there is another project meeting the requirements, a Due Diligence will be started for that project instead.

Following Projects will be considered after completion of the assessment of the previous project. Applications will be accepted until the available funds are used up.

The following map shows the present status of projects already registered under the GAF-RE Programme. Projects are separated by the criteria:

  • Completed Projects
  • Approved for Funding
  • Projects under construction / funding
  • Projects Applied for Funding
  • Projects in pipeline
  • Rejected Projects
  • Applications withdrawn